Winners Bakery & Confectionary

Great Cakes for a Good Cause!

Winners Bakery, a unit of foundation for vocational training, a unique social enterprise initiative of the Chennai Corporation, Chennai Mission, and Rotary Club of Madras (East) was inaugurated in August 2005 with 22 students at C.P. Ramaswamy Road. The bakery provides a chance at a career for hundreds of youngsters from underprivileged backgrounds who cannot afford formal education through a six- month course that trains the young boys and girls.

The bakery training programme is suitably tweaked to meet the demand for good bakers in India, who are very hard to come by. They are in great demand as is evidenced by the current market requirements in foreign countries, apart from the domestic market. The place has state of the art baking equipment from France and has won accolade by its patrons not just for the qualitative food but also its hygiene and cleanliness.

120 students have successfully completed the course, of which most have been placed. Winners bakery has quietly supported Chennai Corporation’s education initiatives over the years to the tune of more than 25 lakhs with the proceeds generated through sales. Winners bakery, today walks tall among leaders in the segment. To the customers in Chennai, the message that the products are coming from an institute that teaches the poorest among the poor of the city who also get gainfully employed, is a win- win opportunity. A true model of a non-profit social enterprise!

Give-Life Café

Give Life Café, an enterprising effort, a small contribution to the society at large by Loyola College in association with Chennai Mission. An organization which works within a revolutionized framework of habituating the underprivileged youth to work the Barista way.

This enthusiastic effort pays these students a handsome salary which in turn pays for their tuition, apart from the colossal profits which are further invested back into the program.

Kaapi Kadai - Vocational Training unit for Boys at Juvenile home, Chennai

Chennai Mission in association with Department of Social Defence has been providing vocational training in baking and confectionery making to the boys in the Juvenile Home at Purasaiwalkam in Chennai since 2008. A full-fledged production unit has been established here, and 14 boys have been trained so far. The products produced in this unit are sold through Winners Bakery outlet in Alwarpet, Chennai.


If the art of living a steadfast lifestyle has only been an aspiration for a convict, its time people became cognizant of the fact that it has begun to encrust the lives of a few deserving inmates of the Puzhal Prison. This project helps inmates to earn and equip themselves in the professional skill of baking, enabling them to be gainfully employed once they are released from the prison.

This unpretentious effort by Chennai Mission in association with a few like-minded organizations such as Banyan, The Spastic Society and Little Drops feeds close to 10,000 underprivileged children.