Joining hands with other NGO’s and setting up a chain of Bakeries and Patisseries in around Tamil Nadu, Chennai Mission has been employing and empowering the youth with culinary skills.

The subsequent profits from these institutions are further invested back for successive charity activities of the NGO’s. The following are the list of organisations that are involved:

The Banyan

With little more than the firm belief that nothing is impossible and that every human being on this planet is entitled to a life of dignity the Banyan was registered as a Trust in 1993. Adaikalam (Tamil for ‘home'), a rented three bedroom building, became a care and rehabilitation centre. Eventually over 100 women would call Adaikalam home, finding it a safe comforting place where their wounds would be healed. Days of no money and hungry mouths to feed were not uncommon. As desperate as was the struggle was the importance of the work.1994 saw The Banyan's first rehabilitation - the beginning of more happy reunions and fairy tale endings than anyone could ever imagine.

The Spastics Society of Tamil Nadu

In 1981 in the Southern Indian metropolis of Chennai, a group of concerned eminent social workers came together and formed SPASTN - the Spastics Society of Tamil Nadu - a voluntary non-government, non-profit organization under the guidance of Ms. Shanthi Sadique Ali, the then governor’s wife, to fill the void of a special school for children with cerebral palsy in Tamil Nadu.

SPASTN began with one school for six children with two teachers at Ayanavaram, in Chennai. During the next two decades SPASTN spread its wings every district in Tamil Nadu, through its networking and linkages, in addition t0 establishing two more centers in the city of Chennai. SPASTN trains a large number of rehabilitation specialists from India and abroad, under the Human Resources Development Department.

Little Drops

Little Drops is being run with great personal sacrifice and with the firm believe that somehow the help will come when it is required. And so far it has. There are very few people who having seen the kind work being carried out in Little Drops and its associate institutions have not been moved to help in some way big or small. Little Drops was founded on 21st January 1991 by two likeminded childhood friends - C Selvaraj Bovas and Edgar Jones Paul. It all started with a desire to help the destitute and homeless old men and women who are such a common sight on our streets. Moved by their plight the two friends decided to do something about it.

Sri Arunodayam Charitable Trust

Reception home for mentally challenged destitute children.

Sri Arunodayam is home for destitute children. These children are either mentally retarded or spastic and abandoned by their family. A 24 hour helpline along with the support of the Police network direct such children from different parts of the country to find refuge in the loving hands of Sri Arunodayam.

Sri Arunodayam provides them food, clothing, shelter and medical facilities with the warmth of a home. These children are engaged in varied activities depending upon their abilities and imparted education, which gradually enables them to outgrow their limitations.

This helps to improve the quality of life to a certain extent. The trauma caused by deprival of love and affection from their kin, the fear and insecurity arising within, when they were abandoned is beyond comprehension. At Sri Arunodayam, these are gradually mitigated by the love, care, warmth, attention and patience bestowed on such special children.